Processing At The Gemcraft

We understand the enormous potential of new techniques and equipment to improve our
capacity to manufacture the best emeralds for our consumers.

We have been manufacturing pioneers for natural emeralds since 1995


Supplying quality, rarity, and value are the foundations of Gem Craft, and we source our emeralds from the world's rare treasures which are unlikely to be found elsewhere.

Assorting and Marking

Our goal, always remains, to maintain a unique inventory that sets us apart from the entire gems and jewellery market. Our team of expert “Karigars” understands the unique geology involved in the formation of emeralds, allowing us to fetch the best for our international customers. 

Precision Cutting

Gem Craft's technological expertise is demonstrated through our cut analysis. We make certain that the emeralds are cut to maximize their brilliance, size, and color. Improper cutting might result in an emerald with unwanted characteristics. The hue of an emerald determines its beauty and value, and we endeavor to deliver the best.

CAD/CAM Production

The cutting of an emerald is just the beginning of the process. You may have your natural emerald set in one of our traditional settings or have it created bespoke once you've picked it. To execute difficult requests, we often work with CAD files, detailed drawings, or physical models, which enhances our design flexibility and allows us to perform repairs or alterations quickly and perfectly, letting you be confident that your emerald is precisely how you want it.


Drilling through both ends of the stone typically hollows it out, and the basic form to be carved is also drawn on its surface. Each of our artists has decades of experience, and we specialize in Mughal-era themes and patterns. We offer expertise in hand-carved gems that are beautifully detailed and expressive.

Assembly and Finishing

The majority of the CAD/CAM-created emerald is cast as components and then hand-assembled. Our expert team thoroughly sands and polishes each emerald component after it has been constructed to guarantee that every detail is perfectly in place.