Precision Cut

Gem Craft excels in the low-tolerance precision cutting and polishing of gems. While our gems are already cut to a very high standard, when absolute precision is required, we can meet even the most demanding client’s requirements.

Custom Cuts

Customers routinely turn to us to produce unique cuts. We routinely work with CAD files, detailed drawings, or physical models to execute these specialized orders.


Intricately detailed and beautifully expressive, hand-carved gems are a specialty of ours. Each of our craftsmen has decades of experience, and we are particularly well versed in Mughal-era motifs and styles.

Unfaceted Items

Whether for production orders or one-of-a-kind masterpieces, beads, drops, alluvial shapes, and other unfaceted gems of all varieties and of the very highest quality for are a specialty of Gem Craft.