1.Beginner’s Guide to Buying an Emerald Gemstone:



Comparing Emeralds:

The 4Cs are not a fixed set of criteria, but a variety of possibilities. Color alone has three distinct ranges: hue, tone, and saturation. Clarity, cut, and carat weight all have their ranges, and the chances of attaining the greatest possible outcome from each are quite narrow. It is feasible, although extremely unusual, to discover emeralds (or any other stone) that are flawless at any weight. These emeralds are likewise so valuable that only a few individuals can afford to purchase them. As a result, it is critical to grasp the 4Cs of emeralds to choose what you want and what you can afford. 

While all the emeralds above have comparable pricing and cuts, their color, clarity, and carat weight all differ. This is how having different components of the 4Cs may drastically influence overall costs in equal proportions.


Color :

It cannot be emphasized how important color is in emeralds. This one factor drives half of the entire gem industry.

What we understand as color is broken down into three components:

Hue is what most people understand as color. Emeralds do not have a wide range of colors. The definition of emerald requires a green color. Not yellow, orange, or blue, but green. Modified greens are acceptable too, like bluish green and slightly yellowish green. Slightly being the key word, since too much yellow and the emerald is no longer considered an emerald, but green beryl instead.


Emerald Clarity :

Emeralds are almost always included, so acquiring one with exceptional clarity costs roughly three times as much as a comparable-looking fracture-filled emerald.

This may be increased in larger emeralds because larger sizes are exponentially scarcer. Furthermore, emeralds can contain a lot of debris in them, which the French regard as "a". They can contain various crystalline minerals as well as liquid, solid, and gas inclusions. Many of these items are frequently mixed in novel ways.


Emerald Cuts :

The purity of a gem is determined in part by the cut, but solely by the judgements of the gem cutter.  Furthermore, the cutter works with what nature has produced with the gem. There is only so much the cutter can do to work with an emerald that has a high number of inclusions.

History - The emerald cut was created expressly for use on emeralds. The cut was gentler on these typically fragile stones, giving them a more lasting form that was less prone to chipping.

There are no such restrictions on emeralds now, since the cutting procedures and techniques have evolved since the invention of this technique over 300 years ago.


Carat Weight :

Unlike the previous factors, carat weight is only a measurement of weight.

Incorporating weight into the price is much trickier. Weight gauges the rarity, rather than the quality, of the gem. The reason carat weight is so closely related to the price tag is because this is how dealers understand how rare or valuable this gem is.



The Final Emerald Selection

Many industry criteria are merged into what is called the "ideal" emerald, with most citing Colombian ideal emeralds, while Zambia is also capable of producing world-quality emeralds. Color preference is a highly personal matter, and not everyone likes emeralds. The sorts of inclusions that some people find acceptable differ from person-to-person. Furthermore, the hue may be matched to another piece of emerald or green-colored jewelry. Remember that emeralds are a color family, not just one!



2. Quality of the Setting

Choosing the right gem is a process, but so is selecting the right environment.

Some settings function better with some forms than others, and design becomes much more important.

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There is no better way to restore the eyes than to gaze at an emerald, its beautiful green hue soothing and erasing fatigue and lassitude. Emeralds have been discovered on almost every continent, but the best and the most expensive emeralds are agreed to be Colombian. Our commitment to honesty, validity, and integrity pervades all we do. We specialize in emeralds mined in Columbia and Zambia and can provide you with the best quality emeralds attainable.




3.Our Sourcing 

Emeralds: Africa’s Buried Treasure


Emeralds are not the only treasure buried in the verdant land of Colombia and Zambia.  The miner appreciates and cherishes the exquisite emerald more than anyone else. Miners in Colombia have discovered the world's most precious and sought-after green gemstone. We specialize in emeralds mined in Columbia and Zambia and operate with transparency, authenticity, and integrity.  The Colombian emerald's distinctive vivid greens have historically been valued more than any other location on the planet. Feast your eyes on the rainbow of colors of emerald treasures from deep within the land of Colombia