Our story

A global leader in the manufacture of ethically sourced colored gemstones, 

Gemcraft specializes in the manufacture and commercialization of emeralds from the world's finest sources. We are proud of our position and are always working to raise awareness and provide sustainability throughout our sector, all the way to the end customer. Our approach has always been innovative and out of the ordinary. We are a young, vibrant organization that works with cutting-edge designers as well as some of the most renowned companies to encourage raw, developing talent whenever feasible.

What we do :

We supervise the appropriate production and sale of emeralds from some of the world's greatest gemstone mines, ensuring that as many citizens as possible benefit. In addition to supplying the bulk of the world's raw emeralds, we collaborate with well-known brands and other creative partners to boost the visibility of African-colored emeralds through imaginative partnerships.

Our Values :

Everything we do is guided by three core values: transparency, authenticity, and ethics.

Transparency -  In an industry famed for "gray areas" and complexity, Gemcraft strives to shine a light and transform the sector for the better. Transparency for Gem craft means providing complete visibility across our business and processes.

Dignity-We goes above and beyond conventional procedures, working in a way that not only complies with international and national rules but also pushes the industry forward.

Authenticity - We are devoted to implementing tangible operational activities throughout our organisation. Our internal policies serve to guide our moral ideals and aid in making honest decisions. Our technology gives our partners reliable treatment evaluation and treatment declaration.

Our Mission :

Gemcraft's objective is to be the world's leading manufacturer of African emeralds, encouraging transparency, trust, and responsible manufacturing processes.

Driven by our values and our belief that green gemstones should have a positive impact on the country and community from which they originate, we seek to do things differently to maintain a considered balance between people, profit, and the environment.

Our Collections